PharmaShield® is a system consisting on a superficial plastic sheathing around the vial, going from the reinforced non- PVC base to the vial seal.

Key benefits of PharmaShield®:
Protects from breakage and spillage
Protects users from external vial contamination
Protects essential produt label information
The use of non-PVC materials protects the environment
Latex free-protects users with sensitivity
Reinforced non-PVC base: provides greater stability during manipulation and further reduced risk of breakage if vial dropped

Accord also recognises that to provide the best standards in minimising external residue requires a systematic and consistent risk minimising approach.

Accord’s risk minimisation approach reduces the chance of external contamination. However, Accord doesn’t stop here; instead we ensure that before leaving our factories 100% of our cytotoxic products undergo an extensive validated washing cycle and visual inspection:

Accord’s validated washing protocols utilise industrial equipment that subjects each vial to a double rinse with purified water and then dried with compressed air. The validation of the washing process included extensive analysis of washing efficiency at a range of machine operating speeds, different vial sizes and for the most insoluble product in the range. Analysis of the vials after washing found that at operating speeds, all vials sizes sampled were below the test limit.

Final visual inspection
100% of cytotoxic vials are subjected to final visual inspection across a preset range of parameters including; lack of external residue, crimp integrity, no vial defects.