Accord is committed to putting user safety at the heart of our offering. Accord is a dynamic young company unencumbered by past practice and with an appetite for refreshing the way in which safe and efficacious pharmaceuticals are delivered to users, adding innovative features to our concepts and Products.


We have taken a novel approach to our supply of medicines in the highly fragmented market, by utilizing our packaging facility located at Haverhill, UK which offers flexibility to cater ever fluctuating market demand & enables us to supply smallest market segments.


Accord’s corporate social responsibility goes beyond our contribution to environment through the application of regulations that favours its sustainability. Our contribution is directed to community and specifically to healthcare professionals and patients.


We believe in taking inventive approach towards the product development. As an example our product offering- A reformulated Gemcitabine in a highly concentrated form resulting in improved convenience, lesser wastage & reduction in consumption of inactive excipients.